It is a term that is frowned upon by older generations.

It was a term that, if I were to be honest, used to make me cringe a little on the inside.

It has become a term that, over the course of time, I have come to associate with Strength. 

I am a Millennial. And so often, I am bombarded by the fact that Society seemingly paints a black mark over us.

Older generations call us weak. They think that we have had life easy. We have almost instant access to endless (and even useless) information. At the press of a button, we can buy something and have it delivered to our doorstep.

While we might have it easy in some areas, I have seen quite the opposite.

I have seen my peers become heavy-laden and burdened by the pressures that have been placed on us. I have seen friends break under the stress of trying to live up to an online image that seems impossible to keep up with.

I have lost my own self in the mindless worries of wondering if my social media post will get any “likes”. In the past, I had even fallen victim to wondering if people outside of my family even like me, when they didn’t “like” my posts.

Comparing one generation to another, is like comparing apples and oranges. No matter how hard you try, one will never fully understand the other.

Older generations are amazing! They have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that only comes from decades upon decades of Life Experience. And I cannot even begin to fathom what their young adult years must have looked like. Nor will they fully understand the pressures that we have had to overcome.

Millennials might have been “babied” when we were given Participation trophies as kids.

However, those participation trophies taught us that everyone matters. Not just the smart and talented.

The countless, silly awards, from Elementary School, taught us that everyone deserves to be valued as Human Beings.

We were told that the sky was the limit, and that is exactly what we aimed for.

We set out to travel, investing our money into memories, rather than the stock market.

We were told to follow our dreams, and those dreams led us into relationships that we never thought possible – in ways that no one ever imagined.

We were taught to fight for what we believed in. And what we believed in, became each other. We began to realize that fighting FOR each other mattered far greater than fighting AGAINST each other.

“Millennial” has been a term that has carried such negative connotation as it has worked its way into common, everyday language. And it’s time to change that.


It is a term that represents Strength.

It has been a term that, if I were to be honest, now fills me with Hope for my generation.

It will become a term that represents our Legacy to future generations.


Published by Michelle Newbold

Just a young, ambitious woman marching to the beat of her own drum, and writing her own story.

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