Welcome to the Michelle Newbold blog!

I am a young millennial woman, trying to make her way in this crazy world. I grew up as the oldest of five, and learned from a young age that I had a heart for helping people, even if it was only in the occasional pep talk.

I love to paint, read (if I have time), and watch movies! Give me a good SciFi, Action/Fantasy, or RomCom, and I’m hooked! I speak fluent “movie quote” and “song lyrics”, and have been known to randomly spout out the first quote that seems to fit the situation. I live in sunny South Florida, and there is nothing quite like the feeling of warm sand mooshing between my toes. I am extremely creative, but also outrageously organized. I love getting to make new friends, and I love to learn just about anything that I can.

In this blog, I will seek to deal with a few primary objectives. We will discuss practical ways to become the very best you that you can be. This blog is meant to be encouraging. Even when we tackle some tougher topics, I will aim to present those tough ideas in a way that fuel your inspiration, not tear you down. I will also discuss some hot topic issues throughout our time together. As a Christian, I believe that it is important for humans to be able to talk about tough topics in a loving and understanding way.

Overall, the goal of this blog is to have fun, to learn how to be your best self, and to discuss tough topics in a loving way to help us better understand them.

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