Let’s Get Real – Part 2 – Thoughts during Quarantine

It’s been about two weeks since I started working completely remotely, and really started hunkering down at home… I will admit, in some ways, I am much more at peace and feel more like myself than in the last post, but in other ways, I have moments where emotionally, it’s kind of rough.

Let’s Get Real – Thoughts during Quarantine

Sometimes, it helps to write down our thoughts and share them in order to let other people know that they are not alone. This might turn into a series, it might not. But for right now, it is just me sharing some of my thoughts of current events with all of you!

Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit if Happiness? Or Not?

Growing up, it felt like every time we turned around, we were learning about the Holocaust. It seemed like year after year, one of our teachers was dragging out the Holocaust literature, berating us with historical facts, so that they would be branded into our minds. We watched movies, we read books, some of us …

Straight Girl, Gay Conference

“…Which is how this random, straight, semi-conservative Christian girl found herself at a queer conference for 5 days, surrounded by 600 LGBT+ Christians (along with family members and church leaders), and staying in an Airbnb (or “Sidebnb” as we called it) with 9 Side B men…”

7 Ways to Feel More Productive At Work

Do you ever feel like there just are not enough hours in the day? Do you ever feel this way at work? Find out ways to feel more productive at work, so that you don’t have to feel so stressed out every day.

Discipline: Is it Even Worth It?

Discipline often has negative connotations associated with it. Usually when we think of the term, we think that we are getting in trouble for something. What if we changed the way that we view this “negative” word? The idea behind having discipline is actually a good one. Think of your favorite sports player. Think of …

5 Things No One Tells You About Living Abroad

A little over two months ago, I made the huge move to Colombia. I had barely any money in the bank after taking care of my necessities, I hardly knew anyone, oh, and I did not speak Spanish. To all of you “planners” out there, who are shaking your heads at my apparent “Lack of …

5 Ways to Manage Stress

Why does it seem like everything gets worse when we are stressed out? I usually have a high tolerance for stress, but there are times where it seems like one thing happens, and then another, and things just to pile onto the list. Individually, they really aren’t that hard to deal with, but when they …

Why I Invest in Short Term Relationships

As human beings, we deal with relationships. It could be the relationship that we have with our parents and siblings, or the relationships we have with friends, or even the relationships with the people we work with. In some form or fashion, we have various relationships with the people around us. This ranges anywhere on …