Straight Girl, Gay Conference

“…Which is how this random, straight, semi-conservative Christian girl found herself at a queer conference for 5 days, surrounded by 600 LGBT+ Christians (along with family members and church leaders), and staying in an Airbnb (or “Sidebnb” as we called it) with 9 Side B men…”

5 Things No One Tells You About Living Abroad

A little over two months ago, I made the huge move to Colombia. I had barely any money in the bank after taking care of my necessities, I hardly knew anyone, oh, and I did not speak Spanish. To all of you “planners” out there, who are shaking your heads at my apparent “Lack of […]

Why I Invest in Short Term Relationships

As human beings, we deal with relationships. It could be the relationship that we have with our parents and siblings, or the relationships we have with friends, or even the relationships with the people we work with. In some form or fashion, we have various relationships with the people around us. This ranges anywhere on […]